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Saturday, March 15, 2014

waiting for my housemanship programme

Life after mbbs is quit bored. Boring because nothing much to do comparing to students'life. No more books, no more stress, no more classes, no more hectic schedules to follow, no more study break.

These are the routines which I have for the past 6 years. Some of my friends said please Amin please appreciate this moment. Its come once a while in your life. If you want to postpone ho also please do it.

Oh. For sure I wont extend my holiday. 2 months plus are considered enough for me.

I just coming back from a 2 days course of financial freedom organised by Koperasi amal medik Papisma and Mediwealth. Lots of things I learn. The speakers are very kind to share their experiences in managing the wealth and also how to spend our money on the right track, how to invest on the properties especially vacant lands.

The program transformasi Minda is around May, before starting my real life at work. Until then, nothing interesting to share in this blog about life in this field.

Life is a continuous learning process for a doctor. ;)


Anonymous said...

Melancong la ke tempat2 bermanfaat, sbb lepas ni belum tentu dpt cuti panjang mcm ni..

aku dr amin said...

;) bagus tu