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Thursday, September 23, 2010

health tourism in malaysia

dulu tak bagi. sekarang bagi pulak. mentang mentanglah banyak duit masuk dalam negara. ape pa pun, yang untung kita gak sebagai doktor2, pengendali pengendali hospital dan yang berkaitan dengannya. yang penting, perkhidmatan didahulukan, untung yang kedua. asal menjadi dr adalah untuk merawat, duit 2nd, rakyat marhain perlu dijaga juga walaupun mereka tidak berduit. doktor swasta ke , doktor private ke, semua ada tugas untuk berkhidmat untuk rakyat dan negara. jangan lupa asal usul kita. tak dapat sumbang banyak, sumbangla apa yang ada. pasti yang paling manis dalam hidup bila kita mampu membuat wajah yang dukacita kembali tersenyum riang. wassalam.....

petikan akhbar :

PUTRAJAYA: More than 7,000 private clinics and 200 private hospitals nationwide can now advertise their services effective today.

The move is aimed at promoting medical tourism in the country.

The Health Ministry is also allowing these medical establishments to put up banners announcing the opening of new facilities, albeit for a limited period, and advertising overseas on condition they comply with the countries’ requirements.

Previously, advertisements were only confined to health magazines, directories, leaflets and billboards while press advertisements were limited to congratulatory messages.

Banners and advertisements outside the country were prohibited.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said liberalisation of the guidelines under the Medicines (Advertisement and Sale) Act 1956 was done because medical tourism was a growing sector.

The government has targeted to increase the number of such tourists by 20 per cent from last year’s figure of 336,000.

The revised guidelines, Advertising Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities and Services, were approved in July.

He cautioned, however, that the advertisements should be aimed at informing and not promoting services.

“When they advertise, they cannot use superlatives, like claiming to be the best orthopaedic surgeon and so on,” he said, adding that the ruling also applied to medicines.

Speaking to reporters after hosting a Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house at his ministry here yesterday, Liow said the ministry had in the past discouraged advertising for the medical profession as it was a services sector, which required little publicity.

However, it has since blossomed into a key economic activity with some countries going “all out” to advertise.

“We have to follow. Certain leeway for advertising is important. That said, we are not giving them total freedom because medical ethics are still involved, while they have to fulfil requirements like not promoting themselves.

“There are still some limitations,”he said.

Liow also said the Medicine Advertisements Board would now issue approvals within three to five working days as opposed to the six weeks to facilitate medical advertising, while the Pharmaceutical Department will be monitoring the advertisements.

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