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Saturday, October 3, 2009

keep smiling

hari ini aku dapat sebuah penanda buku. ianya cukup istimewa sebenarnya kerana disiti ada satu kata kata yang berbunyi:

hold on to your dream
never let them go
beleive that good things
are possible and mistake
are lessons of discoveries
give circumstances a chance
give others a benefit of doubt
rely on the strenght
you have inside
let loose of the sparkle and spirit that you
sometimes try to hide
stay in touch eith those
who touch your life with love
look on the bright side
and dont let adversity
keep you from winnning
be yourself because
you are filled with special
qualities that have brought
you this far and that will
always see you through
keep your spirit up
make your heart happy
and let it reflect on
everything you do!

thanks a lot


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